Escorting and the Economy

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  • January 14, 2017
  • Did the London escorts service suffer during the financial crisis? When the big financial crash took place in London 2008, I was working for an elite London escorts service. At first, I did not think that we were going to be affected at all, but eventually are escorts in London service did lose a lot […]

    How sexting got started

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  • January 13, 2017
  • My boyfriend keeps sending me sexy messages by text all of time, but I am not so sure if it is turning me on. I would rather have sweet nothings whispered in my ear, says Lara from London escorts. Sexting is sexy messages by text or SMS, and is the latest craze. A lot of […]

    Cheap Escorts Are Not What Most Men Think

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  • November 23, 2016
  • Cheap escorts are not what most men think. Why are they called cheap escorts? That is an excellent question to ask yourself, because it is simple and based on the way adult entertainers work as independents. What is the goal of the cheap escort as a business woman? It is a rather shrewd idea that […]