Escorting and the Economy

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  • January 14, 2017
  • Did the London escorts service suffer during the financial crisis? When the big financial crash took place in London 2008, I was working for an elite London escorts service. At first, I did not think that we were going to be affected at all, but eventually are escorts in London service did lose a lot of dates. I am not sure if it was down to money or not, but I certainly saw a huge drop in my income.

    In the end, I was forced to get a part time job. Our elite escorts in London service was not getting that many dates through at all, and I had a hard time making ends meet. Up until I had managed to do really well working for London escorts. I had been able to buy my own place, but all of a sudden it seemed that I ran out of steam. To hold on to my bank balance, I found a job in a hostess bar in London.

    I know that I could have used my savings but I did not really want to do. Instead, I decided that I had to work a little bit harder. When I first joined escorts in London, I did have to work pretty hard so I am not worried of hard work at all. Yes, I was still available for date with escorts in London, but the dating pattern had changed. Less gents dated on the spur of the moment, and most of them planned their dates. I was able to spend a couple of nights per week at the club.

    After a couple of months, things started to change. Not all of my former London escorts came back,. Instead I seemed to be gaining new dates from the club. Most of the gents that I met asked me what I did for a living and I have to say that I did not hold back. I told them that I worked for London escorts, and they did not seem to mind that at all. Gradually they started to make dates with me at the agency.

    It was a bit like starting to build your dating diary again. I think many gents who had lost a lot of money in the financial crisis ended up not datingĀ again. Some of the girls at our elite London escorts left, but I realized that I was lucky. I had not intended to recruit gents from the club. It was just the way it happened. They needed a little bit of extra female company, so they started to meet up with at London escorts. I am still escorting a little bit, but I have many other interests now. Escorting is great, but should there be another financial crisis, I do not want to rely on just one income source again. Relying on an income from just London escorts was not a very smart thing to do. It is better to think what else you can do to make sure that you have a constant income.

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