Cheap Escorts Are Not What Most Men Think

  • lucyfurpresents
  • November 23, 2016
  • Cheap escorts are not what most men think. Why are they called cheap escorts? That is an excellent question to ask yourself, because it is simple and based on the way adult entertainers work as independents.

    What is the goal of the cheap escort as a business woman? It is a rather shrewd idea that some escorts have come up with for their business profits. Just because their rates are cheap and reasonable, does not mean they are not going to provide a top-quality service or they are a lesser quality escort because of it. Cheap means some of their customers get a new client rate or their regulars can expect to be given a standard fee. This is a way that smart escorts can turn new clients into lifelong regular customers. It is all part of the business as usual model that modern escorts utilize, so they can grow their independent clientele in a more progressive way.

    So how does someone find cheap escorts? Look online for personal ads and webpages that have free ads for casual encounters, no strings attached sex or sensual body rubs. Look for personal ads for independent in call girls that are willing to not be a clock watcher, saying this usually means a time limit is not being used to restrict services to new customers. Also, you should look for whatever your personal interests and fetishes are about, this could be things like specifying that they are willing to perform Greek, bareback or are a French tutor.

    Again, why are they called cheap escorts? What are the services that they offer? Escorts can choose who they meet with and what they do with their time. Nothing is ever guaranteed, especially not sex or any intimate activities. Although if a young lady likes her client and he is a regular, it is possible that the sky may be the limit. The best way to know what an escort is willing able and ready to do, is to pay her, get talking with her and then asking her. She will either appreciate the words open and candidly expressed. Or she will simply ask you not to talk like that and laugh off the mention of it.

    If you are lucky, she might just say,”Shut your trap, little man!”

    Then fall to her knees all at once, pull down your pants and start going down on you like only a felicitous woman would ever dare do. She might give you the blowjob of a lifetime and leave you thinking about her for weeks to come. Either way, whatever the result, she is not a cheap escort for any reason other than making the client feel more at ease and because she likes being with them. This is the secret to a business savvy escort who wants to get regular business clients and make lots of cash independently.

    Why are they called cheap escorts? Because cheap escorts are not what most men think they are.

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